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best quality, fully balanced brake rotor disc for mercededs, volvo, scania, man and daf made bus truck

Ventilated Disc Brake Rotor are the back bone of all the vehicle. So, The ventilated disc brake rotor and solid rotors are very important and sophisticated items. In automobile ventilated disc brake rotor system is used to perform three basic functions. i.e. To reduce speed of a vehicle, i.e. To maintain its speed when travelling downhill and to completely stop the vehicle. So, During these breaking events, the disc brake may suffer from structural and wear issues. In present days, Some model of truck and bus have only disc brake rotor in  front wheel . But in Present days,  Most of the trucks / Bus have brake disc in both front and rear wheels. The disc have many advantages over brake drum. So most of the vehicle manufacturer prefer to chose disc brake rotor. We are manufacturing Both solid and ventilated disc rotor.

why "rana" Brand disc

We are manufacturing the ventilated disc brake and solid disc brake from since 1998.  Our casting plant is equipped with all the latest facilities i.e. Machine molding, sand plant, chemical testing lab etc. For machining we are having 5 axis cnc machines. Because,  They complete the machining in minimum settings. Due to which, We may complete the job quickly and get the required accuracy. We are following OEM quality standard for casting weight, metallurgy and machining. To read the more detail about rotor disc , Kindly click here.



We are following OEM standard for casting weight, metallurgy and machining.  So, We produce a good quality product. But in present world, Some company are offering rotor disc on very cheap price. They just boost there sale by compromising with metallurgy and size. For that, They reduce the weight with altering some dimensions and cast the brake rotor from substandard material. But it is very bad and risky. If in any case, While driving the brake disc cracks or fails. Then the consequences will be very bad. So, In conclusion,  always go with best rotor disc. For more detail about our company kindly click here.

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