differential planetary gear carrier hub

Planetary Gear Carrier Hub For Mercedes, Man, Volvo.

Planetary Carrier

The Planetary Gear Carrier Hub Used To Provide The Required Force To The Rear Or Middle Wheels Of The Bus/Truck.  The Carrier Hub Produced Actually From SG Iron Casting . Grade Of Casting Moreover, Depends Upon The Customer’s Need And Its Application.


Material:- In Most Cases, The Body Of The Assembly Is Thus, Manufactured From SG Iron Casting. The Machining Of The Carrier Is Moreover,  Done On Our 5 Axis Machine. As A Result, Component Produced Is In Very Tight Tolerance. But, The Inner Gears Are From Tested En Series Steel.  All The Gears Are Moreover Heat-Treated And Grinded. As A Result, We Produce Noise-Free Working Parts In Assembly. Finally, We Do 100 % Material Inspection. After This Finally, We Pack It For Dispatch.

Why Us:- We Are Manufacturing These Carriers Hub From Many Years. For The Production Of The Planetary Carrier,  We Are Using  Latest 5 Axis CNC Machine Technology. So That, We May Complete It Without Much Clamping And Unclamping. That May Reduce Its Accuracy.   In “RANA METALS”, Because. We Have Our Own Casting And Machining Unit Under One Roof. We May Control All The Parameter Starting From Casting, Up To Packing. Which Are A Basic Need For Manufacturing These Carrier Hubs. For Detailed Specifications And Prices Kindly Write To Us.

Our Company In Fact, Is A Small Scale Company. But, One Thing We May Say That We Put Our 100 % Affords To Produce A Quality Product. Moreover, At A Very Competitive Price. Within The Stipulated Time Frame. Even More, Without Zero Compromises With Quality. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Pet Policy. So, Hope To Receive Your Inquiry Very Soon. For Mail Click Here Or For Message Click On The Whatsapp Icon.

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